Advertising Definitions

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Above The Fold

The top half of the front page of a newspaper or webpage where the most important information or attention grabbing photograph is located; the section that is visible without scrolling on a webpage

Ad Flight

Length of time an advertising campaign is active

Ad Networks

Ads are bought centrally through one source and displayed on multiple websites

Ad Server

A web server that stores advertisements used in online marketing and customizes ads shown to visitors

Ad Space

The part of a website that is set aside for advertisements


To explain or raise awareness, of a product, service or event, in a public medium to increase sales or attendance


An ad that is presented in almost the same form as the articles in a publication

Affiliate Marketing

In electronic commerce a business can be compensated for sending consumers to an associated business' site

Affinity Marketing

Multiple organizations, with similar products, form a partnership to heighten market awareness for all involved (also known as partnership marketing)


A business (the 'agent') that provides a particular service and is authorized to perform certain acts, for and on behalf of the individual or business that contracted the services




Business To Business transactions


Business To Consumer transactions


In data communication, the main cable, route or channel of a network that carries the data gathered from the smaller lines connected to it


The upper limit of data that can be transmitted


A graphic on a website that links to an advertiser's website

Below The Fold

A newspaper term that can also be applied to websites, referring to a picture or article that is not completely visible so that it requires further investigation (unfolding, scrolling)


A large outdoor panel for advertising often positioned in a high traffic area


The advertisement is printed to cover entire page which is achieved by printing past the where the margins are usually inkless

Blind Link

A hyperlink that does not show where the link will take you

Blind Traffic

Visits to page from those who have clicked on a blind link

Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors that leave the site without viewing other pages


A business that provides highly specialized services


A program that displays web pages and navigates the World Wide Web





A reserved area of memory that makes data retrieval quicker by avoiding download time


A coordinated series of advertisements that share the same theme

Click Rate

The number of times an ad was clicked divided by the number of times an ad was shown

Click Through

The action of clicking on a hyperlink to proceed to another website

Click Through Rate

The number of times an ad was clicked divided by the number of times an ad was shown


The number of times an advertisement link was followed to the advertiser's website


The series of clicks used to traverse a website or multiple websites


A comprehensive layout that resembles the finished product as closely as possible


A brand is compared with other competing brands


A separate display window on a website that usually "pops up"

Contextual Advertising

An advertisement on a website that caters to the specific type of individual that might visit that site


Turning site visitors into paying customers


A way to identify a site visitor and customize content according to their preferences


To write the text involved in an advertisement


The individual that writes the text for an advertisement


Cost Per Click is an internet advertising model where payment is based on performance. In one variation, if the ad is not clicked on the merchant is not charged for the advertising space.


Cost Per Day is an internet advertising model where a daily budget is set for advertising


Cost Per Impression is an internet advertising model where a advertiser pays for each time the ad is displayed


Cost Per Mille is an internet advertising model where the cost is based on increments of 1,000 displays


Cost Per Sale is an internet advertising model where a website owner is paid based on the number of sales generated by the advertisement on the site


Cost Per Thousand is an internet advertising model where a website owner is paid based on the number of sales generated by the advertisement on the site


Cost Per Targeted Mille is an internet advertising model where the cost is based on increments of 1,000 displays in a campaign that targets individuals in a certain demographic


The technology used to create advertising materials


Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that keeps track of  customer data which includes profiling to build better customer relations and increase customer satisfaction


Call To Action is the part of an advertisement that urges the viewer to act in a specific manner


Click Through Rate is the number of times an ad was clicked divided by the number of times an ad was shown



Dark site

A website that is not visible until it is activated, usually in a crisis


An advertisement that is used to fill the ad space on a website when no other ads are available


When consumers are grouped by age, income, occupation etc

Direct Marketing

When a business or organization communicates directly with customers or potential customers through email, telephone, etc

Direct Response

When an advertisement urges a potential customer to respond immediately through the use of a coupon or other such device


Designated Marketing Area is a geographical  grouping of certain viewing or listening audience that are set by Nielsen Media Research Company


Domain Name Servers translate the addresses that humans find convenient into the numeric number needed by the network to transmit information

Domain Name

Is used to locate an organization or other entity on the internet



End Date

When the ads will no longer run




Software that allows a browser to display multimedia animations


The interval of time an advertisment runs separated by periods of no advertising

Forced Click

A click through that is triggered without a visitor giving their approval


The number of times an individual is exposed to an advertisement within a specific period of time




The method of determining the location of a website visitor and showing appropriate ads for their location


Graphics Interchange Format is a format for images that can be animated or static



When data is requested from a web server

Hot Linking

When a link refers to data that is not owned by the site

House Ads

Are used for self promotion of a site when no other ads are available


Hyper Text Markup Language used for formatting and displaying documents on the internet


A word or picture that can be clicked on by a mouse that takes the individual to another part of a webpage or an entirely new website




The measure of the number of times an online ad was seen

Insertion Order

A document that details the instructions involving an advertising campaign


A global system of interconnected networks that links billions of devices worldwide


The term can refer to ads in print or other traditional media but is mostly used now to refer to the availability of space on a website for ads. Online ad inventory is often valued in terms of the site traffic or ad views

IP address

Numeric address on the internet

Island Position

An ad that is printed away from other advertisements




Sun Microsystems' set of technologies that allow creation of software that can run across platforms


A computer language that is used for browsers and web servers


An image file compression standard established by the Joint Photographic Experts Group

Jump Page

A web page that appears temporarily as a promotion or survey




A word used by a search engine to find  relevant Web pages.

Keyword Density

The number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a single Web page.



Landing Page

The web page that is seen after clicking a link


A potential client

Lead Product

A product used to generate new customers

Life Time Value

The value a customer will bring to a business over time

Line Item

A unit of advertising sold by publisher



Make Goods

A periodical runs a make good ad after it previously published an ad for that client incorrectly


Advertising that is malicious because it spreads software designd to danage or disable a computer

Media Kit

A package of information used to present a company or product 

Mind Share

Collective attention payed to a marketing ploy


Money generated from a process, service or resource




Rules for communicating on the internet


Someone who is new to the internet


A particular kind or group of people



Opt In

Customer must join or permit advertisements or emails

Opt Out

Customer does not give permission to be contacted



Page View

When a computer user requests a web page

Pay Per Click

An internet advertising model where the advertiser pays the publisher for each click

Pay Per Impression

An internet advertising model where the advertiser pays the publisher for every 1000 views of an advertisement


A presentation given by an advertising agency to persuade a new client to use the agencies services


The environment a piece of software was written to run in

Point of Purchase

(POP)The place where sales are made

Pop Up

A new browser window that can display an advertisement


A site with many features that serves as a starting point to access the world wide web


Pay Per Click, An internet advertising model where the advertiser pays the publisher for each click


A way to let people know about a product or service before they need it

Product Placement

When a product is placed in a film, tv show, or video games

Proxy Server

A server that acts as an intermediary


Identifying personality types, values, opinions etc... that can affect purchasing behavior or lifestyle


The entity responsible for showing an advertisement in print or on a website






The position given to an ad on a search engine result page

Rate Card

Used for guidance on advertising rates


The number of people or households exposed to the advertisement

Real Time

Advertising that is relevant to a specific current event or cultural happening

Referring Page

The web page the idividual was on before clicking a link


Requests for a web page that originate from a close geographic area


When an individual is asked to give some details about themself before they have full access to a website

Remnant Space

The advertising space that a media company has been unable to sell

Responsive Website

A website that is easy to read and navigate across multiple devices


When a browser access a web server for information

Return Visits

How often an individual returns to a site over a period of time


Request For Proposal is a document that is used when a service is required by a company. Those interested in providing the service submit a proposal or plan to implement the desired service


A Request For Quote asks outside vendors to provide a cost quote for the completion of a particular project or service

Rich Media

An internet ad that may use multiple forms of media

Right Hand Read

Ads placed on the right hand side of the right hand page


Using many types of media outlets (three or more) for one ad or a large ad that takes up a lot of space on a website's  home page


Run Of Category, An ad only appears on pages related to a certain category

ads that will appear anywhere within a specific category on a site or ad network - See more at:


Run of category, ads that will appear anywhere within a specific category on a site or ad network. - See more at:
Run of category, ads that will appear anywhere within a specific category on a site or ad network. - See more at:


Return On Investments, A performance measure where the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.


Ads may appear anywhere within an ad network


Run On Site, The advertisement can appear on any page of the website


Multiple advertisements shown in the same place on a website with the same formating may change when page loads


Really Simple Syndication, A way to distribute news headlines on the web




Search Engine Marketing, Promotion of website by increasing visibility in search engine results


Search Engine Optimization, Attempting to achieve prominent placement in search results for a web page


The period of activity that a user with a unique IP address spends on a website


A software plug in that gives a browser multimedia applications


A very tall ad with heights often ranging from 500 to 800 pixels


A short memoriable phrase used to distinguish a product or service from competitiors

Snail Mail

The mail that is physically delivered

Soft Sell

A casual subtle form of advertisement


Unsolicited emails


A program that automatically fetches websites and follows links

Splash Page

A graphic intensive webpage that appears before the home page


When an ad is run slightly differently in different places to determine the most effective design


When a company pays to be associated with a cetain event


Guidlines and best practices given by the Interactive Advertising Bureau

Start Date

When an advertising campaign will start


The data that can be used for media analysis and interpretaion


The average minutes per month visitors spend on a site or network, can be measured in terms of page views.


A way to subtly influence a consumer subconsciusly



Tag Line

A memorable dramatic phrase simillar to a slogan


Advertisements are placed so as to reach consumers based on various traits such as demographics, psychographics, behavioral variables


A written or spoken statement from an individual who thinks highly of a product or service


Number of hits or visits to a webpage



Unique Visitors

Software that tracks and counts Web site traffic will count the samre visitor only once even if they have visited the page more than once.

Up Sell

A sales technique where a salesperson may suggest a related product in addition to the origin product the consumer was interested in




Web content that the viewer likes so much they pass it on

Viral Marketing

When an individual uses a service or product the advertisement will also go to those they have contact with


When an individual views a webpage

Volume Discount

The larger the quatity purchased the lower the cost



Web Page

A document attached to the world wde web with many types of possible content

Web Server

Stores and processes requests for webpages

Web Site

A document attached to the world wide web with many types of possible content


Broadcasting content on the internet


The individual responsible for maintaining a website